The Link to EAP

Historically EAPs have partnered with companies to improve the lives of their employees with counseling and mentoring opportunities to address stresses of all kinds. The US Surgeon General has estimated that 75% of all illnesses can be attributed to lifestyle-related causes. Being proactive in identifying needs before they become deal-breakers for growth and productive employment is the goal. The business case has been made again and again that dealing with stress, whether work related issues or personal or family issues, saves money in the long run by saving good employees, lowering health insurance costs, and helping to build or preserve a productive workplace environment.


Years ago, EAPs realized the unique position they have to intermingle other aspects of health and wellness to the coaching, education and mental health services of the traditional Employee Assistance Program. We understand the roadblocks that frequently undermine people’s best intentions when it comes to making lifestyle changes like losing weight, becoming more active or quitting smoking.

Directions EAP can be an important part of your wellness team by offering ideas, support and resources for all of those issues.

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