“My counselor did an amazing job with listening to everything I had to say and gave me great input.”

Directions EAP Counseling Client

“Goodwill of the Great Plains has contracted services with Directions EAP since January 2010. During this time we have found their services to be invaluable. Our employees report that they are highly satisfied with the services provided. We highly recommend Directions EAP.”

Karen M. Irwin, HR-Benefits and Compliance Specialist
Goodwill of the Great Plains

“I have been beyond pleased with Directions. What they promise to provide (excellent short term counseling and referral, management consultation, training, critical incident counseling, and very detailed metrics) they deliver. I am a huge fan of Directions, and I recommend them highly.”

Ron Anderson, Executive Director
Kenl Inn

“Directions EAP has helped us improve employee performance and morale. Directions is also instrumental in the facilitation of department meetings. ”

Jill Denker, Executive Director of Human Resources and Physician Liaison
Lexington Regional Health Center

“Thank you so much for your kindness during such a difficult time for me.”

Directions EAP Counseling Client

“I appreciated the helpful tips my counselor wrote down for me. She was able to see me on very short notice (same day) which was just what I needed. It is a wonderful resource to have available for our staff!”

Directions EAP Counseling Client

“I benefited a lot from coming to Directions. The meetings helped me through my experience in school and will help me in the future.”

Directions EAP Counseling Client

“It was a wonderful first visit. Thank you for the quick scheduling. I’m looking forward to continuing the conversations.”

Directions EAP Counseling Client

Wow! What a benefit for BOTH supervisors and employees! Finally, somewhere to turn when you are not really sure what to say, need to talk through some of life’s obstacles or need a helping hand. Directions EAP is definitely a benefit we use and promote within our company.

Roxie Romero, Director of Operations
Schaefer’s TV and Appliance

“I felt very comfortable with my counselor and would recommend Directions EAP to anyone I thought would benefit from it.”

Directions EAP Counseling Client

“I left feeling so much better and was given very good advice. I went out that day and started getting involved with things I had stopped doing and reaching out in a positive way. All my thanks in just one visit.”

Directions EAP Counseling Client

Telesis, Inc. (parent company of Lazlo’s and Fireworks restaurants and Empyrean Brewery) has renewed its partnership with Directions EAP every year since 2002 because of Directions’ record of providing solutions and its cost effectiveness.

E. Wayne Boles, Corporate Relations
Telesis, Inc.

“It was very easy to use this service. It was VERY helpful. I am thankful I work for an organization that supports all forms of health.”

Directions EAP Counseling Client

“The therapist is amazing. Her approach is thoughtful, kind and I felt comfortable sharing details in our first session that have been carefully guarded in sessions with past therapists. Her advice and suggestions helped me come to a fast resolution on several issues that I had previously considered unrelated, but all had the same root.”

Directions EAP Counseling Client

“I am so thankful that my employer recognizes the value of this organization and how much it helps people. I am also thankful that this solution was available and that the kind person was here to listen.”

Directions EAP Counseling Client

"Directions EAP provides a valuable and effective resource for our employees by giving them a safe and confidential means to discuss the personal stressors in their lives. We appreciate the professionalism and dedicated experience they bring to this service."

Nick Anderson, Human Resources Director
Lincoln Orthopaedic Center, Lincoln NE

"We consider Directions EAP an investment in our associates rather than a business expense. Directions offers our associates and their family members professional and confidential assistance for a gamut of reasons – whether they have work, family or financial stresses, there is someone available to assist them. Associates are more engaged and can focus on providing an excellent customer service experience. In addition, Directions provides valuable assistance to our supervisors when they are faced with a particularly difficult associate issue."

Sherla Post, Senior Vice President Human Resources/Talent Management
Cornhusker Bank, Lincoln NE