About Us

Partnering with Employers to Increase

Individual and Company Productivity

DIRECTIONS EAP has been helping employers and their employees since 1982.

Troubled employees don’t leave their personal problems at home. They bring them to work, where they can show up as tardiness, missed deadlines and appointments, accidents and diminished job interest. As a result, business suffers losses in productivity and revenue.

Employer Benefits

  • We will develop a program that is tailored to your unique organization’s needs.
  • We help you address workplace concerns with employees and enhance your work environment.
  • Comprehensive training programs for supervisors and employees.
  • Alcohol and drug evaluations, recommendations, and treatment referrals.
  • Management training and consultation.
  • Referrals of troubled employees to ensure resolution of the problem.
  • Help with workplace crisis management.

Employee Benefits

  • Short-term counseling. Because in many cases, that is all that is needed… a caring professional to help sort through life issues. Our focus at DIRECTIONS EAP is to help people find new perspective and solutions to their personal concerns using all of the resources available at DIRECTIONS EAP.
  • Early evening hours are available for the employee’s convenience.
  • Confidential, personal problem solving. DIRECTIONS EAP assures you complete confidentiality. Discussions between client and counselor will remain absolutely confidential unless written consent is given by the client.
  • Free for employees and immediate family members. Services are free for employees of contracting companies and their immediate family members
  • Community resource information and referral when appropriate. The DIRECTIONS EAP counselor will assist the employee and family in determining what options are available when other services or longer term help is needed.