Why have an EAP?

“Our employee benefit package would not be complete without Directions.”   Jill Denker, Executive Director of Human Resources and Physician Liaison, Lexington Regional Health Center

Companies commonly adopt Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) in order to maintain a productive, effective and functional working environment. The primary goal of an EAP is to ensure the mental health of employees so that they can consistently contribute to the growth of the company. EAPs cover everything from stress-related illness, drug and alcohol addictions to family related stress, grief, parenting challenges, marital problems, depression, anxiety, etc. These types of programs have proven highly effective for the wider success of companies that employ them and for the individual employees of those companies. When these things are going on and the employee IS at work, other problems can result. Mistakes are made, productivity lessens, tempers flare – it does affect their co-workers and the overall environment. The aim of an EAP is to reduce the amount of time employees take away from work and to ensure that when they return they do so with renewed strength and optimal mental health.

Do YOU need an EAP? Here are some important reasons to consider:


IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY: When an employee is dealing with personal issues, family problems or substance abuse, the result is often a drop in productivity at work. EAPs provide prevention techniques, assessment protocols and health management services. While helping your employees deal with life’s ups and downs, you are also ensuring effective company growth and development.

REDUCED COMPANY COSTS: Employee Assistance Programs are designed to reduce the impact that social, psychological or physical problems have on the employee in order to reduce the financial impact on the company. Estimates of the savings-to-investment range from 1.5:1 to 15.0:1 depending on the size of the company and the nature and extent of the EAP services offered.  Employees receiving mental health counseling also typically lower the usage of medical insurance.

INCREASED MORALE AND WORKPLACE HARMONY:      A happy and healthy employee is a productive and effective one. EAPs ensure that your employees are well taken care of as individuals so that they can perform as part of your team. The added advantage here is that the employees know that the company supports them, therefore they feel a connection to the work they are doing and are more committed achieving the desirable results.

REDUCED ABSENTEEISM: EAPs reduce the amount of time employees take off work. EAPs provide a range of prevention and treatment options for employees and their families. In the event that time off work is required, the amount of time is greatly reduced and the employee is able to return to work with renewed strength.

REDUCED TURNOVER: EAPs effectively reduce the turnover of employees by managing work related and personal stress. EAPs improve the working environment in terms of morale and company support ensuring employees are well looked after, and less likely to leave their jobs.

REDUCED ACCIDENTS AT WORK: It is easy to see how accidents can happen at work when you’re stressed. A person suffering from stress-related symptoms will often experience difficulty with concentration, mental focus and physical function. EAPs look after the mental health and ability of your employees ensuring that they are able to function at the required level.

RESOLUTION OF WORK RELATED PROBLEMS: External stress often results in a reduction in workplace performance. Problems within the working environment lead to absenteeism, high turnover and low morale. EAPs look after the physiological health of employees, developing strategies for coping with external stress as well as work related stress.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: One of the great things about an EAP is they are able to connect employees directly with professional services and the first appointment will usually occur within a few days. This means that your employees are getting the help they need quickly, dealing with and averting crisis situations.

Directions EAP will work to help you increase productivity, retain valuable, trained employees, reduce accidents, handle employee crisis intervention, provide supervisor training and consultation, and address issues related to turnover and staff issues.

If you are interested in talking further about how your company could benefit from offering an Employee Assistance Program, we would love to talk with you about Directions EAP. Give us a call at 402-434-2900 or 800-563-8201.