EAP Client Trainings

Many of our clients have training sessions as part of their overall EAP package and some prefer to have this priced separately. In either case, trainings are customized to the individual goals of the organizational. Consultations with an EAP professional can help organizations select the specific training topics, and help coordinate the content of the training to be personalized to the specific work group’s needs. Most of the trainings are in a 1-2 hour format and are presented at the worksite.

EAP Client TrainingEAP orientations which explain the services of the EAP benefit are encouraged, as are supervisory trainings. These courses teach how the EAP works, the process of supervisory referrals to help with troubled employees, and what services are available to help company leaders and employees improve their own skill levels on both a personal and professional level.

Employees’ expertise levels in the areas of leadership, interpersonal relationships, communication, self-care, and the ability to cope with stress and change are critical for a company’s success. Effective work group dynamics and the personal well being of employees are powerful tools to increase productivity, employee morale and even employee retention. For this reason, trainings can be an invaluable tool.

We offer over 100 different topics to choose from or will customize any training of your choice.