Troubled employees don’t leave their personal problems at home…

They bring them to work, where they can appear as tardiness, irritability, missed deadlines and appointments, accidents and diminished job interest. Businesses have found that Employee Assistance Programs can help employees overcome personal problems that affect their jobs… and their lives.

Workplace ResolutionDIRECTIONS EAP Works

to Help You

  • Increased employee productivity & morale
  • Retain valuable, trained employees
  • Reduce accidents Handle employee crisis situations
  • Provide supervisor training and consultation

Consultations/Workplace Solutions

Each company contracting with DIRECTIONS EAP services has a Clinical Liaison appointed to them. Human Resources professionals, Managers, and Supervisors can contact their Clinical Liaison with questions related to their contract, or any situation that might be a special challenge for them.

Diversity issues, suspicion of drug use, morale issues due to downsizing, leadership changes, budget cuts, and personality conflicts are just a few of the work-related issues facing today’s managers and supervisors. Some issues can be handled with ease, others are more challenging. DIRECTIONS can be a consulting resource or sounding board when a manager needs to make the hard decisions.

Workshops and Training/Leadership Development

In addition to individual consultations, DIRECTIONS can bring a variety of workshops to your workplace. Topics such as Team Building, Stress Management, Goal Setting, De-Clutter Your Life, Better Communication, and Balancing Work and Home, are among the many workshops that can be presented during a regularly scheduled training session, Lunch and Learn mini sessions or one-on-one coaching. Call DIRECTIONS for details.

“Directions EAP has provided ongoing training at our annual supervisors meetings.”    Karen M. Irwin, HR-Benefits and Compliance Specialist, Goodwill of the Great Plains

Supervisory Referrals and Support

Managers and supervisors making a formal supervisory referral also receive case management services. The DIRECTIONS counselor will communicate directly with the employee to address the problem causing the referral and, with the employee’s signed release of information, provide feedback regarding employee progress and counselor recommendations.

Our Newest Resource –the WorkLife Option!

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