An Introduction to the Worklife Option

The Worklife Option refers to a service that companies have found to be an invaluable resource for their employees and families.  For a low price, companies contract with us to provide this resource for all of their employees and families.  Employees may access the Worklife Option by phone or online.

4000+ educational articles and resources,

                                Online Interactive Workshops,

                                                Self Assessments and personal calculators and much more.

Connecting to the Worklife Option also gives you access to trained Consultants 24/7 to answer questions and begin a process to get you the information you need.   If you are in need of names and numbers for providers – whether child care, day care, senior care they can get you started in the right direction.

Worklife Option offers health and lifestyle self-assessments to help you identify and reduce the risk for chronic health conditions, unhealthy behaviors, psycho-social stressors, work-life balance issues and more. An overall Wellness Assessment, the Health Risk Assessment gives an employee a comprehensive look at their health and suggests actions to resolve any identified issues.

Tutorials to help with lifestyle changes like exercising, dietary changes, smoking cessation are included.

When a company adds the Worklife Option to their EAP contract their employees  are given a unique User Name and Password.

To log in to your Worklife Option benefit click here.

Or for more information about this incredible resource watch the Orientation video by clicking here.