Leadership Matters

“Many of our supervisors and managers have participated in ‘Leadership Matters’ seminars that Directions EAP offers free of charge for their clients.  Supervisors have always had positive comments about the seminars.”   Dan Brown, Former Director of Administration & HR, Pathology Medical Services/LabLinc

Directions EAP offers a bi-annual leadership development program entitled “Leadership Matters”. This half day training is offered to all organizational leaders, supervisors, managers and human resource professionals from our EAP client companies free of charge. The topics focus on leadership skills building in a variety of areas including leadership ethics, conflict resolution, stress and time management for leaders, how to motivate employees, coping with change, alcohol and drug issues, and more. Feedback is solicited from participants as to topics of interest. The program is skillfully presented by either guest speakers or the highly experienced training staff of Directions EAP. The company-wide invitation gives participants a chance to network with managers, supervisors, and human resource professionals from other organizations and share leadership challenges and solutions.

Leadership Matters is also open to non-EAP member companies at a reasonable fee of $50 per employee per session.

Certificates of Attendance are provided and can be helpful to meet internal or external training and continuing education needs.

“Keep the sessions coming! I enjoy them and have had other managers & supervisors mention that they would love to attend.”  Training Attendee

“This training was a great experience as stress and challenges are a struggle for me and this has really opened my eyes.” Training Attendee