Workplace Solutions

Workplace Solutions“I have been beyond pleased with Directions.  What they promise to provide (excellent short term counseling and referral, management consultation, training, critical incident counseling, and very detailed metrics) they deliver.”   Ron Anderson, Executive Director, Kenl Inn

Directions EAP partners with our member companies to address a wide variety of workplace issues.  Our consultants are owner/providers which keeps us familiar with the various cultural climates and unique dynamics of each of our companies. Among the workplace issues we are experienced and trained to deal with are:

Conflict Resolution

Many workgroups have challenges.  Directions will engage with the management team in an assessment of the issues involved – and work together to develop a plan to respond to the issues and work towards a solution.  This can be in the form of mediations, team building exercises, leadership development, personality inventories, or trainings.  When referrals for more intense intervention is indicated, Directions can either tailor design a fee based intervention or assist you in finding helpful resources.

“Directions is also instrumental in the facilitation of department meetings.”    Jill Denker, Executive Director of Human Resources and Physician Liaison, Lexington Regional Health Center

Team Building

Work groups are undergoing constant challenges in the areas of workload, personnel changes, organizational change, and diversity in the workforce. Our highly experienced staff strives to help workgroups develop the knowledge and skills to be the best teams they can be.  Our interactive and engaging team building trainings promote better teamwork, stimulate cooperation and collaboration, educate regarding better team communications and raise awareness of individual working styles.

Leadership Development/Coaching

Directions EAP offers one-on-one coaching and training modules in a variety of skill and awareness building areas.  Some of the skills we help leaders to develop include stress and time management, effective communication, goal setting, interpersonal effectiveness and managing change.  We also offer our Leadership Matters half-day seminars that address requested leadership skills topics such as Time Management for Leaders, How to Motivate Employees, Leadership Ethics, Leadership Accountability, Employee Wellness, and Stress Management for Leaders.

Crisis Management

Unfortunately, traumatic events happen in the workplace.  These can include employee death, serious workplace injuries, robberies, workplace violence or particularly stressful workplace situations/challenges.  Our counselors are trained and experienced in offering one-on-one or group interventions to help workgroups cope after these traumatic events.  We work with company leadership to develop a personalized plan to assess, counsel, educate and debrief employees at this difficult time.  The employer benefits by not only caring for their employees’ mental health and wellbeing, but also by minimizing interference in productivity by strengthening the recovery process for employees.

Directions EAP will work with company leaders to:

  • Identify employee needs
  • Respond with onsite support, if indicated
  • Assist in developing internal communications
  • Be available to employees for one on one crisis counseling intervention

“Directions EAP was able to see me on very short notice (same day) which was just what I needed.”   Directions EAP Counseling Client

Seminars and Trainings

Directions offers a wide variety of seminars made available at the Directions EAP office or worksite. Workshops can be presented as regularly scheduled training sessions, as part of the company’s wellness program or during “Lunch and Learns”. Many employers’ EAP contracts include workshops or may have these priced separately. For more information on training click here.