Worklife Option

The WorkLife Option refers to a broad array of resources available to employees and their families, either by phone or on the web.  From providing 4000+ educational articles and resources to online interactive workshops, self-assessments and personal calculators this service brings a wealth of information 24/7 to one easy central location.  Need help finding a provider in your area for child care or elder services?  Save hours of time by calling the WorkLife Option consultants and letting them find the services in your area that meet your needs

WorkLife  has many tools for employers and Human Resource folks to assist in the training and development of their leaders, managers and supervisors. Articles and online workshops that build skills in Effective Communication, How to Give Constructive Feedback, doing  useful and Productive Performance Reviews, Time Management skill building, and more.  Managers can be referred for help in dealing with Diversity and Bullying in the Workplace.  A wealth of resources is available for guidance in Relocating Employees and for learning Team Building. It can be a great guide for addressing Chemical Dependency and developing policies for handling all manner of employee related issues.

A unique User Name and Password for your company allows for confidential tracking and quarterly reports let you know just how valued this service is to your employees.

If your company doesn’t yet include the WorkLife component of our EAP services– talk to your HR and request a consult to discuss options for your workplace.  If you’d like to learn more about WorkLife click here to watch a short orientation to the program.