Why Choose Directions EAP?

“Directions EAP is not a vendor, they are a partner.”    Ron Anderson, Executive Director, Kenl Inn

Thank you for your interest in Directions EAP! Directions EAP is an Employee Assistance Program based in Lincoln, Nebraska since 1982. We currently serve nearly 100 local, regional and national employers with employee counts ranging up to 5,000. We serve a broad spectrum of businesses from health care, education, convenience stores, retail, restaurants, banking, manufacturing, construction, and non-profit agencies, to name a few.

Why would a company need or want to add Directions EAP to their fringe benefit package? We hear from many managers, supervisors, HR Directors and company owners about what a relief it is to know, with one phone call to our EAP counselors, that any one of their employees and family members can get professional counseling and assistance when they need it. Stress, marital conflict, workplace issues, grief, parenting, legal and financial issues, depression, anxiety, chemical dependency – the list goes on. At any time in our lives, we have all gone through a difficult situation and could have benefited from some help outside of talking to our friends or family. These are also the common everyday issues that our workforce is dealing with that could keep them home from work, creating an attendance issue and putting stress on the rest of the employees to get the job done, or distracting that individual and causing them to make mistakes or putting themselves or others in danger.

Having an EAP makes good “business sense”. Many studies show that for every $1 spent on an employee assistance program, it can save $6-15 on the company’s health plan. It often surprises companies at how affordable it is to offer Directions EAP as part of their fringe benefit package. At a time when many benefit costs are rising, HR can share this benefit that is provided at the employer’s cost, no cost to anyone who utilizes it, as well as showing that they are an employer who cares about their employees as “whole” people, not just what their job is.

Directions EAP prides itself on providing caring customer service that is second to none! We are a full-service Employee Assistance Program offering counseling and consulting benefits for employees and their families, as well as site-based benefits for the employee and employer. While many employee assistance programs only provide up to three sessions per occurrence, our basic EAP program covers up to six sessions, for the employee as well as their immediate family members. Covering more sessions through an EAP further helps companies reduce health care costs, a savings some companies do not realize and certainly do appreciate, as well as savings to their employees in possible co-pay, deductible or out-of-pocket costs.

Confidential counseling sessions are provided in a comfortable setting, and our office in Lincoln is located in an easy to find area providing a very accessible location. In Nebraska, we have an existing affiliate network of over 150 provider offices offering over 250 individual affiliate providers. We have over 500 affiliate providers in our network across the United States, and our affiliate network continues to grow.

“I felt very comfortable with my counselor and would recommend Directions EAP to anyone I thought would benefit from it.” Directions EAP Counseling Client

Directions EAP offers chemical dependency evaluations and case management services, completed by a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC). If chemical dependency cases are supervisory referrals, all releases and information will be shared with supervisors as part of the employee’s compliance with the referral.

Directions’ basic EAP program is affordably priced per employee/per year, based on an employee count and reviewed annually. Along with this basic program, Directions EAP will provide company-specific utilization reports. We conduct employee orientations, supervisor training on how to use the EAP, management consultations as needed, provide monthly Frontline Employee newsletters on a wide variety of topics (personal and work-related) and periodic check stuffers and posters to help encourage and support EAP utilization. Directions EAP also provides bi-annual “Leadership Matters” training to member companies managers and supervisors at no cost.

In order to maintain high quality assurance standards, Directions EAP counseling clients are offered a client satisfaction survey. The survey results are then tallied and included in each company’s quarterly utilization report.

Our basic program also allows each company’s employees access to OmniLaw, a program that provides free consultations with an attorney. Employees can get legal advice on any situation excluding employment/employer issues.

An additional level of service that Directions EAP offers is a web-based “WorkLife” benefit that provides 24/7 access by toll-free phone or via internet to resources, as well as consultation and referral services on a broad range of work and personal issues. Help is available when you need to find a childcare provider, or help for your son looking at colleges, assistance for an elderly parent, when you need information on a health issue, or for options for getting out of debt. Help is available from the privacy of your home. Companies who elect this additional EAP benefit will receive quarterly utilization statistics specific to their company’s usage. The WorkLife benefit is priced separately per employee/per year.

If you are interested in talking further about how your company could benefit from offering an Employee Assistance Program, we would love to talk with you about Directions EAP. Give us a call at 402-434-2900 or 800-563-8201.

“Goodwill of the Great Plains has contracted services with Directions EAP since January 2010.  During this time we have found their services to be invaluable. Our employees report that they are highly satisfied with the services provided.  We highly recommend Directions EAP.”   Karen M. Irwin, HR-Benefits and Compliance Specialist, Goodwill of the Great Plains