An Introduction to the Worklife Option

The Worklife Option refers to an add-on service that many of our companies have found to be an invaluable resource for their employees and families.  For an extremely low price,(call us to get rates),  companies contract with us to provide this resource for all of their employees and families.  Those employees may access the Worklife Option either by phone or online.

4000+ educational articles and resources,

                Online interactive workshops by national presenters,

                                Online Interactive Workshops,

                                                Self Assessments and personal calculators and much more.

Connecting to the Worklife Option also gives you access to trained Consultants available 24/7 to answer questions and begin a process to get you the information you need.   If you are in need of names and numbers for providers – whether child care, day care, senior care they can get you started in the right direction. Save hours of time by calling the 800 number and letting the Worklife Option consultants find the services in your area that meet your needs.

A perfect complement to any Wellness Program with support for lifestyle changes at your finger tips.

Worklife Option offers health and lifestyle self-assessments to help you identify and reduce the risk for chronic health conditions, unhealthy behaviors, psycho-social stressors, work-life balance issues and more. An overall Wellness Assessment, the Health Risk Assessment gives an employee a comprehensive look at their health and suggests actions to resolve any identified issues.

Tutorials to help with lifestyle changes like exercising, dietary changes, smoking cessation are included.

When a company adds the Worklife Option to their EAP contract their employees  are given a unique User Name and Password solely for the purpose of letting the company know how valued this service is to their employees.

To log in to your Worklife Option benefit click here.

Or for more information about this incredible resource watch the Orientation video by clicking here.

If your company hasn’t yet included the Worklife Option to your EAP benefit, talk to your HR and ask them to request a consult to discuss options for your workplace.