Financial Counseling

Directions EAP offers a unique benefit with Financial Counseling where tools and skills are offered to help employees and their family members understand their relationship with their money, how that relationship drives their financial behavior, and how it contributes to their emotional and financial stability. The program offers hope and provides strategies for change.

This program teaches employees and their family members to take control of their money with budgeting and money management techniques, which in turn allows them to feel in control of their life. Taking control of the money aspect of a person’s life is a very individually personal and emotional choice, and must be made daily, weekly, monthly, and sometimes even minute-to-minute or hour-to-hour. Direction EAP’s Certified Financial Counselor is able to assist members through this process.

While those living in poverty or drowning in debt are the obvious individuals in need of this program, because Financial Counseling is about much more than just “money”, the following list is just a sample of other populations to which it also may be helpful:

  • All Individuals Going Through Divorce – because of the need for support and guidance with thoughts, feelings and attitudes that often occur during the financial settlement, as well as learning new financial roles.
  • Widows/Widowers – overwhelmed by grief and unable to cope with financial steps or issues, maybe for the first time.
  • Abused Individuals – often stay in abusive relationships because of lack of financial resources.
  • New Parents – in addition to new parent responsibilities are oftentimes unprepared for financial stress that accompanies a new baby.
  • Anyone Who Files for Bankruptcy or uses Consumer Credit Counseling – needs a plan of action for the future to not repeat the same patterns.
  • Single Moms – often struggle to maintain balance between work and family with financial security being a high priority.
  • College Students – too often create debt that prevents them from focusing on academic work resulting in at times preventing them from completing their long-term goals.
  • College Graduates – may be overwhelmed by student debt, both emotionally as well as financially, and find themselves in circumstances they never anticipated.

If you are interested in this valuable resource, call the Directions EAP office at 402-434-2900 or 1-800-563-8201 and ask for your in-person or over the phone (for those living outside driving range from Lincoln) financial counseling help.