“I have made many referrals to Directions EAP and have never had an employee say it wasn’t helpful.”   Ron Anderson, Executive Director, Kenl Inn

The “workhorse” benefit of an Employee Assistance Program is free, confidential counseling services provided to the employees and their immediate family members as an employer provided benefit.

counselingStress happens…life happens… Most people can handle life’s challenges on a daily basis without too much trouble. But occasionally things can get out of hand and life can get overwhelming…stresses can come one on top of the other. Often people can deal with these situations on their own or with the help of their support network of family and friends. Sometimes, however, it helps to talk to an experienced impartial and confidential counselor.

Your employer shows how important you are to the success of the organization by providing this valuable service to support the health and well being of you and your family. Because this is an employer provided benefit, it is free to employees and their immediate family members.

DIRECTIONS Employee Assistance Program is here to provide the following counseling benefits to employees and their immediate family members for personal or work related problems:

  • Short term solution-focused counseling
  • Education and counseling on wellness issues
  • Grief counseling
  • Parenting issues
  • Couples or relationship counseling
  • Stress or time management
  • Community resource information and referral
  • Help with drug and alcohol issues including chemical dependency evaluations
  • Job stress, work relations conflict
  • Depression/anxiety/mood disorders
  • Communication enhancement

“The therapist is amazing. Her approach is thoughtful, kind and I felt comfortable sharing details in our first session that have been carefully guarded in sessions with past therapists. Her advice and suggestions helped me come to a fast resolution on several issues that I had previously considered unrelated, but all had the same root.”    Directions EAP Counseling Client

DIRECTIONS Employee Assistance Program assures you complete confidentiality. No information about you will be shared with any source, unless you authorize it, and your discussions with your EAP counselor will remain absolutely confidential. The counseling services are prepaid by your employer and are FREE to employees. Each company contracts for a number of sessions per employee and family member.

For employees located in or near Lincoln, counseling sessions are handled at the Directions EAP office which is centrally located and offers a light-filled, professional and comfortable environment. Our counselors strive to provide an enjoyable, welcoming and helpful counseling experience.

For employees located out-state or outside of Nebraska, referrals are made to one of our affiliate providers in the employee’s locale. There is also the option of phone counseling with one of the Directions EAP home office counselors. Our providers are carefully selected and offer the same level of professional expertise as you would receive in our Lincoln office.

Employee Assistance Programs provide employees with mental health counseling by a licensed mental health therapist. They do not provide medication evaluations, fitness for duty evaluations, psychiatric diagnosis or psychological testing; although if any of these services are indicated, the employee assistance counselor will assist with a referral to an appropriate provider.

Counseling beyond the EAP:

For the vast majority of the cases, employees utilize only the free counseling sessions provided through their EAP sessions. In a few cases, employees choose to continue with counseling through their health insurance. In these situations the employee assistance counselor offers the employee the choice of continuing with the same counselor or a referral to another counselor. Many EAPs do not allow self referrals. Directions EAP believes in client self determination and the right to choose with whom they wish to continue counseling. In many cases, Directions clients have voiced appreciation for the ability to continue with their EAP counselor with whom they have already established a close rapport.

Quality Assurance:

Directions EAP counseling clients are provided with a Client Satisfaction Survey that they are encouraged to fill out and turn in anonymously. The results of these surveys are tallied periodically and the anonymous results are shared with our client company contacts. A sampling of some of client responses are shared on this website. Directions EAP counseling clients continue to frequently give glowing reviews of their counseling experience.