Alcohol and Drug Evaluations and Counseling

“Directions EAP is always eager to help us talk through any situation and offer excellent advice in the process.”   Dan Brown, Former Director of Administration & HR, Pathology Medical Services/LabLinc

Directions EAP is here to help employees and their family members with questions, concerns and issues related to the impact of alcohol and drug abuse. Problems related to alcohol and drug abuse can be devastating on the health and well being of both the abuser and their loved ones.

counselingAs an employee, if you are a family member of someone whose alcohol or drug use is causing you concern, seeing a Directions EAP counselor can help you cope by educating you on abuse and addiction, developing and implementing a plan for your own self-care, and informing you of available resources.

If you are the one concerned about your own drug or alcohol abuse, a Directions counselor can assist you with assessing whether a referral for a chemical dependency evaluation is indicated. If you are an eligible employee or family member, Directions EAP will provide the evaluation free of charge.

If a chemical dependency evaluation is done at Directions EAP and some level of alcohol or drug treatment is indicated, you will be assisted in locating an appropriate local treatment resource and payment options will be discussed with you.

One common situation that can develop with alcohol and drug abuse is relationship issues such as parenting deficits or marital difficulties. Directions EAP counselors are available for relationship counseling to help with repairing the damage created by alcohol and drug abuse.

Getting the appropriate assistance for the impact and effects of alcohol and drug abuse is an important way to take care of your own well being as well as lessening the negative effects this can have on work place performance.

If you want information on handling supervisory referral alcohol and drug evaluations, click here

“My counselor did an amazing job with listening to everything I had to say and gave me great input.”      Directions EAP Counseling Client